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How to Take Handmade Jewelry - Unique Earrings, Handcrafted Bracelets - Photos

Handmade jewelry

Great photography is a necessity when you have a home made jewelry website. Unfortunately, handcrafted jewelry is quite hard to photograph. Many jewelry artisans do not want to go to a specialist and they also need to do it themselves. There are a few simple techniques that even amateur photographers will use to get better results with minimal effort. The following examples show principle setup that should allow you to definitely achieve results they may be happy with.


Inside the olden days we spent 1000s of dollars on photo processing but nowadays were so blessed with all the digicam. I possibly could write a piece of writing almost the virtues from the digital camera. No must be the top of the line professional camera anymore since many video cameras use a macro feature which is designed for photographing small objects like handmade earrings and handmade bracelets. It really is worthwhile you just read the digital camera manual to learn how to position the camera in macro mode.

The recommendations for good handmade jewelry photography are sharpness, lighting and exposure. The macro lens is a big help for your sharpness factor. Another step to a pointy image is really a tripod. It really is completely essential to use a tripod or similar camera support when taking photos of handcrafted jewelry. A sturdy tripod is preferable to a flimsy one, but any tripod is more often than not much better than no tripod. Use a tripod plus your photos will likely be sharp.

Should you be considering buying a new camera just for photographing your handmade jewelry one of the most convenient features we use constantly can be a direct camera to computer cable. We adjust all of the settings from the computer and press the area bar to look at picture. No longer shaking or movement regardless of the sort and all sorts of settings are the same every time. Technology makes our lives much easier.

Post by handmadejewelry8 (2016-11-09 10:47)

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